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The Malkat Shva Ethiopian Youth Project is an initiative dedicated to imbuing young Ethiopian-Israelis with a sense of pride in their identity, through instruction in traditional Ethiopian culture. Founded by Jerusalemite Tracey Shipley in 2008, the project includes workshops in dance, theater, art, leadership training, Ethiopian Jewish Heritage and authentic Ethiopian musical instruments, taught by professional Ethiopian Israelis.

Our teen participants have become true leaders in their community after gaining self-confidence and a sense of pride in their roots through our program. A group of them have developed a program to introduce Ethiopian Jewish Heritage studies to the public school system.

Click to see musical slideshow presentations of the project's youth programs and of our pioneering summer camp at Beit Lazarus.

Click here to read about our latest activities in our 2014 Semi-Annual Report, and here to read endorsements of the project's work from prominent public figures serving the Ethiopian community in Israel.

Watch Project Coordinator Tracey Shipley and youth participant Neges Darsia discuss the project's
Ethiopan Heritage Summer Camp on Channel 2 TV's "People" program:

Join the Jewcer crowdfunding community and help our center continue to function and grow. There are many more Ethiopian teens in Jerusalem that can benefit from the immense sense of empowerment and pride that our students take with them into their communities and to Israel society at large. Be generous!

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