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This year we began to work with the young children who were born in Israel. 64 children and teens, including non-Ethiopian Israelis, participated in our Ethiopian Heritage Summer Camp at Beit Lazarus in Talpiot, where they learned traditional Ethiopian dance, crafts, history and folklore, in addition to the usual sports and field trips. At the campís farewell party, the children exhibited what they had learned and created for their parents and friends.

The camp was sponsored by the IJCF and the Chantal Caray Community Youth Center "Beit Lazarus".

Click to see a musical slide show of unforgettable moments from this historic camp experience.

Click to read the daily journal kept by our counselor Azanash about her groundbreaking Ethiopian history and heritage workshop!

Watch project director Tracey Shipley and youth participant Neges Darsia present the camp on Channel 2 TV's "People" program. The Malkat Shva camp was selected from out of the 60 summer camps supported by the ICJF to represent their program on national TV:

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