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Come join the Malkat Shva Ethiopian Youth Project
for an exciting interactive Ethiopian encounter!

Icebreaker Activities

Question & Answer Session
with Ethiopian Youth

Ethiopian Dance Workshop

Oshrat, I'd like to thank you personally for speaking with us! Many of us were unaware of the large Ethiopian population living in Israel today, as well as the unique issues they face, so we were incredibly appreciative that you were willing to share your story and a bit of Ethiopian culture with us. We definitely learned a lot from you.Thank you, once again!
Bethel Assefa
Yale University

Many thanks to the Malkat Shva Project. It was an unforgettable experience for the group. The personal meeting provided an exciting study of Ethiopian history and culture. We were also exposed to the compelling issues that confront Ethiopian Jews in Israel, regarding their connection to their roots. We enjoyed the learning, meeting, talking, and of course the dancing! Thank you very much.
Ms. Reut Yahav
Group Leader, Onward DLD

Thank you so much for the excellent program that you presented at the OU Israel Center last week. We appreciated the open discussion that we had with the two young women, Bat El and Oshrat. They were wonderful! We especially enjoyed the brief dance workshop that they presented at the end. Everyone had a very good time and left feeling more knowledgeable about our sisters here in Israel and inspired to love one another. I am looking forward to hosting another evening like this in the future for those who weren't able to come this time. Yasher Koach on your good work!
Mrs. Rivka Segal
Program Director of OU Israel Center and L'ayla Women's Initiative

As part of the training we offer our organization’s field staff, we produced an evening designed to expose them to the rich and interesting culture of Ethiopian Jewry. We were pleased to host Bat El Asmara and Havtam Vandemajin from the Malkat Shva Project at this event. Bat El added her exciting contribution to the evening by sharing the story of her roots journey to her homeland in Ethiopia. It was moving to hear how she returned from this journey empowered and proud of her origins. In addition, Bat El and Havtam enchanted the crowd with a traditional Ethiopian dance. From the first moment they got up on the dance floor, dressed in colorful traditional dancing costume, they succeeded in exciting the crowd, who were enticed to get up and join in. Everyone enjoyed this pleasing and energetic experience, which left them wanting more.
Mia Rodner
Project Director for Southern Jerusalem, Bakehila

The experience was an absolute highlight of our trip! Not only did it expose our group to issues we were previously unaware of, but it also provided us with an unbelievably fun bonding experience - for our group, as well as with your group... It was extremely informative and meaningful coming from the Ethiopian kids themselves... I hope we can partner together on future programs.”
Team Leader, Yeshiva University

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To register for the program, contact Tracey Shipley at tracey@malkatshva.net or 054 810 8918

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