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On June 25th, 2014, the OU Israel Center invited Malkat Shva to present an Ethiopian Experience to over a dozen English-speaking women. Bat El Asmara and Oshrat Wonde, both aged 17, presented the program, which included a short film, a fun yarn activity in which each woman was given a name in Amharit, and a discussion with the girls about their lives as Ethiopian-Israelis. They girls then taught the group traditional Ethiopian Eskesta dance moves and they all danced together.

The woman were amazed by the girls' English and their passionate description about their backgrounds, and had a fantastic time dancing. One of the woman brought her teenaged adopted Ethiopian daughter. When the girls were sharing the experiences through which they realized the importance of learning about their heritage and sharing it with others, the young teen had tears in her eyes. After the program she approached Tracey, the director of Malkat Shva and said "I must be involved in what you are doing. It's so important to me. And I must involve my little brother also from Ethiopia. He knows nothing about his heritage!" That was a perfect ending to a wonderful event!

Letter from the event organizer

Dear Tracey,

Thank you so much for the excellent program that you presented at the OU Israel Center last week. We appreciated the open discussion that we had with the two young women, Bat El and Oshrat. They were wonderful! We especially enjoyed the brief dance workshop that they presented at the end. Everyone had a very good time and left feeling more knowledgeable about our sisters here in Israel and inspired to love one another. I am looking forward to hosting another evening like this in the future for those who weren't able to come this time.

Yasher Koach on your good work!

Mrs. Rivka Segal
Program Director of OU Israel Center and L'ayla Women's Initiative

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