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Over the Passover 2014 school break, three of Malkat Shva's teens coordinated and led a camp for 40 Ethiopian children in Talpiot, as part of the Chantal Caray Center's camp program.

The kids watched a short film about Operation Moses and Solomon about which they knew almost nothing, which compared it to the Exodus out of Egypt. Afterwards, five of the kids were asked to stand up and begin walking in place while Bat El led the group in a discussion about the Exodus out of Ethiopia.

After ten minutes when the kids were tired and couldn't walk any more, Bat El turned to them and asked them if they were tired after ten minutes of walking, how do they think the children felt who walked for two months in the deserts of Sudan?

Afterwards, the group was split. Bat El took a group to teach them Ethiopian dance, and was so sad to see how disconnected they were from anything connected to their Ethiopian roots. The other group went to the art class and illustrated the Exodus from Ethiopia in clay.

Afterwards the kids spoke about what they had learned, with Ethiopian music playing in the background.

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