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"The President's Succah. President Shimon Peres hosted in his succah yesterday
no less than 10,000 citizens, who came from every corner of the country to attend the
traditional 'open succah'. The President's staff report that this year's event broke all
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Dear Tracey,

The Bakehila organization has worked in Jerusalem for the last twelve years to generate social change through closing educational and social gaps, and providing equal opportunities to children and youth. We operate according to a unique, holistic working model based on continuous engagement in the lives of children and youth in Jerusalem. As part of the training we offer our organizationís field staff, we produced an evening designed to expose them to the rich and interesting culture of Ethiopian Jewry.

We were pleased to host Bat El Asmara and Havtam Vandemajin from the Malkat Shva Project at this event. Bat El added her exciting contribution to the evening by sharing the story of her roots journey to her homeland in Ethiopia. It was moving to hear how she returned from this journey empowered and proud of her origins.

In addition, Bat El and Havtam enchanted the crowd with a traditional Ethiopian dance. From the first moment they got up on the dance floor, dressed in colorful traditional dancing costume, they succeeded in exciting the crowd, who were enticed to get up and join in. Everyone enjoyed this pleasing and energetic experience, which left them wanting more.

Thank you, Tracey, and I would like you to express our gratitude to Bat El and Havtam for devoting their valuable time to such an important endeavor.


Mia Rodner

Project Director for Southern Jerusalem