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Dear Tracey,

I just wanted to thank you again for such a phenomenal night at the Malkat Shva Cultural Center. The experience was an absolute highlight of our trip.

Not only did it expose our group to issues we were previously unaware of, but it also provided us with an unbelievably fun bonding experience - for our group, as well as with your group. Thank you so much for putting everything together so last minute!

As promised - aside from the experience being so enlightening and wonderful - here is some more feedback.

The dance workshop was so much fun. We loved making fools of ourselves and seeing how talented all the kids are. Adena and Mulat were so great. The info session, where we spoke about Ethiopian culture, was extremely informative and meaningful coming from the kids.

The theater workshop was a lot of fun. The kids' plays were fantastic, and kol hakavod to them for putting them on for a bunch of strangers.

All in all, though, it truly was an amazing experience. We had so much fun getting to know you and the Ethiopian teenagers of Jerusalem. I really hope we can continue to partner together for future programs.

Thank you so much for your flexibility in putting together a program for us so last minute and for being so warm and welcoming to our group throughout the entire program.

All the best,

Ayelet Kanana

Group Leader

Yeshiva University Student Group 2012