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Tracey Shipley
Project Director

Tracey was born in the United States and emigrated to Israel in 1984. She strives to improve relations between the people of Israel and Jewish people abroad, and to raise public awareness of less understood populations.

Tracey uses her creative and communication skills to initiate projects that promote mutual understanding in Israel and abroad. Among her many pursuits, Tracey markets the performances of the award-winning Ethiopian Theater Group Hullegeb, which operates out of the Confederation House in Jerusalem.

Her greatest passion is directed towards the Malkat Shva Youth Project, where she develops and coordinates programs for Ethiopian youth, secures funding and updates donors on the progress of her various groups.

Adena Beyegne
Dance Instructor

Adna completed her secondary studies at MATI in Kiryat Malachi, and went on to enlist for military service in the Israeli Air Force. She since moved to Jerusalem in order to advance her education and her own personal development.

At present she is a student at Michlelet Hadassah in Jerusalem. In the course of her studies she began volunteering in youth organizations. In one of these groups an idea came together to integrate dance, her second love in life (after science) with volunteering, and since then she gives classes in Askasta and is enjoying every minute. This is due both to the wonderful kids that she gets to meet and work with, and to the opportunity to teach something that she loves so much.

Tzvika Hizikias
Dance Instructor

A dancer since the age of 12, Tzvika studied classical ballet at the Dance Academy High School, then flew to New York at the age of 17 to study modern dance at the prestigious Alvin Ailey Dance School.

Upon completion of his military service in the IDF, Tzvika was accepted into the Bat Sheva Dance Company in Tel Aviv. Since then he was directed an Ethiopian dance company in Haifa and a dance troupe in Tel Aviv, which performed in all the major dance festivals around the world.

Today he teaches dance in two studios in Israel, creates original dance productions and performs with the Hulegeb Ethiopian Theater Troupe. Somehow he still finds time to share his talents with the Malkat Shva Center, and teach dance to the Ethiopian communities in their homes.

Tehila Yeshayahu-Adghe
Theater Instructor

Tehila is a graduate of theater studies at the School of Visual Theater in Jerusalem, and directs a teen theater troupe under the Arts department of the Education Ministry. She was a member of the Natala Theater, where she performed in the plays “Babylon” and “Blacks”, and also performed in the Nefesh Theater production of “Andraga”.

Tehila was one of the founding members of the “Hologeb” theater troupe, whose productions include “Teret Teret,” “The Maiden Julia,” and “Metoko’s House” – winner of the Acco Theater Festival in 2009. She also appears in an original one-woman show called “Alone”.

Michal Avraham
Art Instructor

Michal is an artist and art teacher. She received her BA at the Betzalel Art Academy, and her teaching certification at the Kerem Insitute for Jewish-Humanistic Education. She grew up in the Kiryat Malachi neighborhood of Jerusalem, and continues to live and work in the capital.

Michal prepared for her important role at Malkat Shva with intensive research into Ethiopian art, discovering in the process the disproportionate influence of Jewish creativity on Ethiopian arts in general. This allows her to imbue a sense of pride in her students, not only within the larger tapestry of Israeli culture, but within their culture of origin as well.

Adugna Guda
Masenko Instructor

Adugna emigrated to Israel in 2005, and currently lives in Mevaseret Zion. He makes a living as a security guard while pursuing his musical vocation. In Ethiopia he learned to play several unique traditional instruments, such as the Masenko, a one-stringed instrument that sounds somewhat like a violin, and the krar, a five- or six-string instrument similar to a lyre.

Adugna performs with several bands throughout the country, and has brought his talents to the Malkat Shva Center, where he has broken new ground by opening the Center’s first youth music workshop.