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The Malkat Shva Project was asked to enter the "Speaking Succah" contest at Beit Avi Hai this year, with a traditional Ethiopian Succah. Michal Avraham, our art instructor, Orit Takala and Yitzhak Asmara, two of our teen counselors and project director Tracey Shipley worked together to create the model, with Yitzhak researching Succot as it was celebrated in Ethiopia.

The model represents the traditional sukkah built by Ethiopian Jews out of wood and straw. Inside is a “buna” - the ceremonial coffee service - and a “musav” - a small table on which the “injira” bread is served. Alongside are a small “gojo bet” house, crafted using a traditional weaving technique, and typical village animals.

The succah is decorated with red and yellow rope, which together with the green vines complete the colors of the Ethiopian flag.

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